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EuroMediComは将来の医学、特にエイジングと美容分野を推進することを目的として設立された学会運営団体です。 アンチエイジング医学の発展に伴い、EuroMediComは初めて予防と長寿医学の生涯教育コースを大学に設置するに当たり重要な役割を担いました。現在では「アンチエイジング医学専門」分野で最も優れたトレーニングを行うコースとして認識され、最初のアンチエイジング世界学会を行うと同時に世界的なエイジングマネジメントのための美容とアンチエイジング(予防と長寿)医学を始めました。




Catherine DECUYPER & Christophe LUINO

EuroMediCom is a European organisation dedicated to promote medical sciences of the future, and more particularly those related to Ageing and Aesthetic.

EuroMediCom is also present in Asia, in partnership with major scientific societies as the JAAM (Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine), to propose International scientific educational events, gathering together physicians from all continents in view to share their knowledge promoting worldwide the latest treatments and technology for the benefit of the patients.

Since the development of Anti-Aging medicine, EuroMediCom took an important part in the creation of the first Post-University Course in Preventive and Longevity Medicine, recognized today as the best training delivered worldwide; the Anti-Aging Medicine Specialisation and initiated the first Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress proposing, at the same time, Aesthetic and Anti-Aging (Preventive and Longevity) medicine for a global ageing management.

We consider, Japan as a key location in Asia and in the world, where a high level of knowledge and the ability to participate to the development of this new approach of medicine is evidence.

EuroMediCom Japan, based in Tokyo and is dedicated to provide the best support to the Japanese physicians wishing to participate to International events dedicated to scientific Anti-Aging and Aesthetic medicine. EuroMediCom Japan as the duty to provide all the information, logistic and organisation the Japanese Doctor may expect for is participation to any EuroMediCom activity.

The Japanese office will also organise National scientific events, involving local and International experts of the field.

We wish we will have the pleasure to welcome you on one of our future event

Catherine DECUYPER & Christophe LUINO